About Me


Hello! Are you looking for some great content, something that is unique and exclusive; not just mass produced in the language factory? My content writing service is the place where you will find it.

Creative writing is my hobby and I am one of the blessed ones who can make a living out of what they enjoy doing. Writing excites me, and I take pride in enchanting you with words which flow from my pen (keyboard to be more truthful). Give me the most boring, full of scientific jargons, yawning matter and just see for yourself how I convert it into a un putdown able matter for you. You start thinking of content-work whenever you think of web content!

I juggle with words in the areas of creative writing, editing, research, proofing and copywriting for clients located everywhere in the world. We also ghost write for you if you want so and also all other related work.

Do contact me once just to check out the beautiful sculptures which I engrave for you when you crave for something memorable.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Kelly hunter

contact: kellyzhunter AT yahoo.com

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